Scyld and truble with the nodes

Jag agrajag at
Mon Apr 9 15:49:24 PDT 2001

On Mon, 09 Apr 2001, Cesar Delgado wrote:

> The node is already in the "Configured Nodes" and I already hit the "Apply".
> I am running BeoSetup as root.  What I get in the "Configured Nodes" for the
> node under the "state" is 'master down' and my good friends the
> "............................" all over the screen of the node.

Hmm.. 'master down' means the bproc library returned an error in trying
to get the status of the node.  You should make sure the beowulf daemons
are running properly on the master node.  You can do this by doing
'/sbin/service beowulf status'
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