Replacing NFS.

Georgia Southern Beowulf Cluster Project gscluster at
Mon Apr 9 14:20:58 PDT 2001


I'm trying to replace NFS on my cluster and I'm running into a dead end.  
I'm using 15 diskless nodes with a single master node.  All nodes mount 
their root filesystem and then a shared (read-only) /usr and shared 
(read-write) /home exports.  So far I've tried to find documentation on 
Network Block Device (NBD) and Extended NBD, but both seem to be in limbo as 
far as development and current useability go.  Any recent info on either of 
these?  Also, does anyone have experience with Coda and is it pretty much a 
drop-in replacement for NFS?  I've also heard of AFS, but it seems to be a 
bit limited.  Also, Global File System (GFS), but it requires special 
hardware.  PVFS (Parallel Virtual File System) seems like the most logical, 
but it only appears to be a kernel module and not a static compile.

Any words of wisdom or experience?  All help will be appreciated.


Wes Wells
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