Scyld and truble with the nodes

Cesar Delgado beettlle at
Mon Apr 9 15:08:31 PDT 2001

I do have 2 NICs on my master, and I have the same NIC on the node(eth0) as
I do in the master (eth1).  Both are recognized as ne2k-pci. There are 3
'instaliling module' promt in the node that read '8390', 'pci-scan', and
'ne2k-pci' when I boot from the floppy I created or the CD-Rom.  The it also
says ' eth0 RealTek RTL-8029 found at 0x6000, IRQ 11' and then the hardware
adress for the card before I get the 'Sending RARP requests' and my frriend
the little '..........................................'.
I have a diferent NIC to go our of the master(eth0) into the network.  I
have gotten rid of the crossover cable and pluged both computers int oa 4
port HUB and still no dice.

The numbers I am getting when the error pops up @ the end of teh RARP run

but I have no idea wht they mean.

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> ***I am using a M$ mail client, I believe I have it conf correctly but
> forgive me it comes across M$ up..
> Hi Cesar,
> 1) Not to sure if you are using 2 nics in the master, reason being is
> that IMHO Scyld really wants two nics. One being connected to the
> outside world and the other dedicated to the cluster. You can alias and
> configure around it, I have, but it didn't seem to like that solution
> (could be me!!). Never bothered to beat my head on it and added a second
> nic. Be careful with hard coding the cluster bound IP address, the Beo
> program really wants to have it's way with it. Change it with the
> additional  properties in the beosetup program. Leaving it alone seems
> to work the best. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and findings,
> could be me again.
> 2) Run tcpdump on the master and see if you can see the RARP, maybe a
> physical problem like a cable or nic..
> Hope this helps!
> -Bill
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> > On Mon, 09 Apr 2001, Cesar Delgado wrote:
> >
> > > I got my hands on a copy of Scyld and am intaling it to try it out
> in my
> > test cluster(2 computers hocked up byt a cross-over cable).  I
> installed the
> > Master node no problem and I got it to run(I must say I am VERY
> impressed by
> > the tools that come with).  Now I try and boot the node from the
> CD-Rom and
> > it detects my PCI Network card no problem, I get
> > "............................." all over my screen for about 5 - 10
> minutes
> > and then it gives me an error.  The error comes on my screen so fast I
> can't
> > write it down.  The error has something to do with PCI devices and a
> bucn of
> > numbers.  I don't realy know how the RARP works so I can't realy say
> what is
> > the matter.  I can see the node in the BeoSetup and I put it in the
> > "Configured Nodes" section of it while the node is still doing the
> > ".............." thing.
> >
> > So far, so good.  Once you have the node in the 'Configured Nodes'
> list,
> > you need to hit the 'Apply' button on the top left of the window.
> Once
> > you do that, the slave node should continue to boot.  Also, make sure
> > you're running beosetup as root and not a normal user.
> >
> >
> > Jag
> >
> > The node is already in the "Configured Nodes" and I already hit the
> "Apply".
> > I am running BeoSetup as root.  What I get in the "Configured Nodes"
> for the
> > node under the "state" is 'master down' and my good friends the
> > "............................" all over the screen of the node.
> >
> >
> > Cesar Delgado
> >
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