GNIC II is not working

Don Holmgren
Mon Mar 1 10:49:57 1999

On Mon, 1 Mar 1999, Karsten Heinze wrote:

> Hi,
> thanks to all who pointed me to the right driver.
> I compiled the hamachi 0.07 (hope it is the latest driver version).
> insmod works :
> Mar  1 11:33:33 fily kernel: Found Hamachi GNIC-II at PCI address 0x00000000
> de800004, IRQ 11.
> Mar  1 11:33:33 fily kernel: hamachi.c:v0.07 8/17/98  Written by Donald
> Becker
> Mar  1 11:33:33 fily kernel:
> ^I
> Mar  1 11:33:33 fily kernel: eth1: Hamachi GNIC-II type 10911 at 0x8039000,
> 00:e0:b1:04:17:0e, IRQ 11.
> Mar  1 11:33:33 fily kernel: eth1:  64-bit 33 Mhz PCI bus (59), Virtual
> Jumpers 20, LPA 0000.
> Mar  1 11:33:33 fily kernel:   PCI latency timer (CFLT) is unreasonably low
> at 32.  Setting to 64 clocks.
> A ifup eth1 crashs the machine.
> It's a Asus P2BLS mainboard, there are no 64-bit PCI slots.
> How can i tell the driver/card that it uses a 32-bit 33 Mhz PCI bus slot ?
> Thanks,
> Karsten

This is a longshot, but...

I've had this experience with a Riva (NVidia) chipset-based video card and an
ethernet card both using the same IRQ.  With X running, an ifup caused an
immediate system crash.  As far as I know, the video card and XFree driver
didn't need to use the IRQ, and /proc/interrupts showed that it was not
registered.  However, with X not running, 'ifup' did not crash the machine,
and I could get networking working. 

To check on this, 'cat /proc/pci' and check whether you've got two cards 
listing IRQ 11 as a resource (my AGP Riva card also uses IRQ 11).  If so, 
you'll have to move the GNIC II board to other PCI slots and/or play the 
usual games to try to get it assigned a different IRQ.  Or not run X at 
the same time.  I vaguely recall that there was discussion on USENET of 
an error in the SVGA server related to this interrupt.

Don Holmgren
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