Additional GNIC-II Compile Problems

logan browne
Fri Aug 6 10:20:53 1999

Michael Sloan wrote:
>Alternatively, are there other gigabit cards with more widely supported
>drivers ? Is the 3Com 3C985 widely supported under various architectures
>? It is possible that we will be running Linux on x86, Alpha, G3
>(powerpc) and Sparc platforms.

The Acenic driver has worked very well (and is part of the 2.2 kernel
package) when running on our NetGear GA-620 cards... These cards are really
well priced (Nortel is trying to sell their gigabit switches by eating the
loss on the card), and have been stable thus far. Currently I am running
some performance tests on them and a few other cards (GNICI and II,
SysKonnect, GigaNet), and they look like a good price-preformance tradeoff.

Logan Browne

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