[vortex] re :message when net card crash

Wu Yadong ydwoo0722@hotmail.com
Sun Apr 21 08:13:03 2002

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> On Fri, 19 Apr 2002, Wu Yadong wrote:
> > When net card crash , system is ok ,other processes can run without problems, the net card can not send frames any more, and the screen  will continuously display below messages until system shut down :
> >
> > eth0:transmit timed out, tx_status 00 status e000.
> > Flags;bus-master 1,full 1;dirty 312953(9) current 312969(9).
>                      ^^^^^^ - what kernel/driver version is this ?
> > Transmit list 012b9290 vs. c12b9290.
> > followed by a list of frames
> OK, more details this time, better chances to diagnoze. First, check if
> there are no other error messages from the driver - the one liners can
> easily be overlooked through the tens of lines the Tx timeouts write.
> A Tx timeout is nothing special on a 10baseT hub. Because of the lower
> speed (compared with a 100baseTx one) and the fact that is a hub (so it's
> affected by collisions), the Tx queue can stay full for some time and the
> Tx timeout condition be triggered more often than for a 100baseTx one.
> You can try to increase the Tx timeout value and see what happens.
> > Is there something which I can do to avoid this? Should I adjust sending speed while testing, or do something else( wait until all frames in queue have been sent)?
> The return value of the dev_start_xmit function can tell if the packet was
> succesfully queued or not, in which case most likely the queue is full.
> But I don't know if your packet generator is so low level to have access
> to this info.
> Limiting sending speed might not be a solution, as even with a low one
> there might a situation when packets are just sitting in the queue and
> accumulate and some time later the Tx timeout will occur.
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Thank Mr Bogdan Costescu for kindly answering my question.

My kernel version is 2.4.0,  and driver version is 3c59x.c:LK1.1.11 13 Nov 2000  Donald Becker and others. http://www.scyld.com/network/vortex.html " "$Revision: $\n".

As you mention, there are error messages in lines timeout write:
eth1 :command 0x3002 did not complete, status=0xf401 or status=0xf000
but it is strange that  always eth0 crashed, but eth0 did not write above messages, only eth1 did write above message and eth1 did not crash, and eth0 only write timeout messages.

I use dev_queue_xmit function to send frames.Is the function dev_start_xmit you mention is vortex_start_xmit.

Thank you.