[vortex] Re: 3c59x.c compilation errors.

Remko van der Vossen remko.van.der.vossen@cmg.nl
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:11:17 +0100

Hi Guys,

I'm terribly sorry, something wen't wrong and I unpurposely sent out that
email before I was ready..

please bear with me as I'm new to Linux and NIC drivers.. I'm 
currently in the process of developing a TCP/IP stack (only 
just starting the project), and I want to be able to test it. 
Because I need multithreading DOS is not an option. Trying 
this within windows is probably a nightmare so I was looking 
into using Linux. As I was unable to find how to use the 
interface that is in Linux as a standard (the card does work) 
I looked for another driver, and I found 3c59x.c so I tried 
to compile it. first I needed the pci-scan and kern_compat 
files so I downloaded them and tried again. now I got another 
set of errors. These errors are some "`PAGE_OFFSET_RAW' 
undeclared", and a whole lot of "dereferencing pointer to 
incomplete type" on the netdevice type variables. I have no 
idea where PAGE_OFFSET_RAW is declared or what it should be, 
nor do I have any idea why netdevice is considered and 
incomplete type.

Can anybody help me with this? I'm at a complete loss. FYI, I'm running
Redhat 7.0, the kernel version is 2.4.0.

As I said my intent is to use the driver in a TCP/IP implementation I wan't
to write myself, so I need to interface with the driver. I haven't been able
to find any documentation on that. I don't even know if I can access the
driver from outside the kernel.. I would also like to know if it is possible
to use the standard network interface of Linux, if anybody's got information
on that I'd really like to know.

If anybody can assist me in my first development for Linux I would certainly
appreciate that. Or if someone knows some good websites please tell me about

Thank you for your patiance, and I hope to hear from you soon.


Remko van der Vossen
CMG Eindhoven