[vortex] 3c59x.c compilation errors.

Remko van der Vossen remko.van.der.vossen@cmg.nl
Tue, 13 Mar 2001 14:02:16 +0100

Hi Guys,

please bear with me as I'm new to Linux and NIC drivers.. I'm currently in
the process of developing a TCP/IP stack (only just starting the project),
and I want to be able to test it. Because I need multithreading DOS is not
an option. Trying this within windows is probably a nightmare so I was
looking into using Linux. As I was unable to find how to use the interface
that is in Linux as a standard (the card does work) I looked for another
driver, and I found 3c59x.c so I tried to compile it. first I needed the
pci-scan and kern_compat files so I downloaded them and tried again. now I
got another set of errors. These errors are some "`PAGE_OFFSET_RAW'
undeclared", and a whole lot of "dereferencing pointer to incomplete type"
on the netdevice type variables. I have no idea where PAGE_OFFSET_RAW is
declared or what it should be, nor do I have any idea why netdevice is
considered and incomplete type.

Remko van der Vossen
CMG Eindhoven