[vortex] Re: [3c509] IRQ 0 on PCI card sucess

Paul Wilson wilsonp@accnet.net.au
Sun, 19 Nov 2000 20:25:55 +1100

I updated BIOS IRQ settings in PnP config screen to set them ALL the be
half where ISA/Legacy.

You might like to add this to the IRQ page as well..
you your reply..
rebooted.. success IRQ given.
 kernel: wd.c: Presently autoprobing (not recommended) for a single card.
 kernel: wd.c:v1.10 9/23/94 Donald Becker (becker@cesdis.gsfc.nasa.gov)
 kernel: eth0: WD80x3 at 0x300, 00 00 C0 3D E4 52 WD8013, IRQ 10, shared
memory at 0xcc000-0xcffff.
 kernel: CSLIP: code copyright 1989 Regents of the University of California
 kernel: PPP: version 2.3.3 (demand dialling)
 kernel: PPP line discipline registered.
 kernel: registered device ppp0
 kernel: PPP BSD Compression module registered
 kernel: PPP Deflate Compression module registered
 kernel: cat uses obsolete /proc/pci interface
 kernel: 3c59x.c:v0.99Qk 7/5/2000 Donald Becker, becker@scyld.com
 kernel:   http://www.scyld.com/network/vortex.html
 kernel: eth1: 3Com 3c905B Cyclone 100baseTx at 0xec80,  00:10:5a:6d:31:a3,
 kernel:   8K byte-wide RAM 5:3 Rx:Tx split, autoselect/Autonegotiate
 kernel:   MII transceiver found at address 24, status 7849.
 kernel:   MII transceiver found at address 0, status 7849.
 kernel:   Enabling bus-master transmits and whole-frame receives.
cat /proc/pci
IRQ 9 was selected by driver.
  Bus  0, device   0, function  0:
    Host bridge: Intel 82439HX Triton II (rev 2).
      Medium devsel.  Master Capable.  Latency=32.
  Bus  0, device   7, function  0:
    ISA bridge: Intel 82371SB PIIX3 ISA (rev 1).
      Medium devsel.  Fast back-to-back capable.  Master Capable.  No
  Bus  0, device   7, function  1:
    IDE interface: Intel 82371SB PIIX3 IDE (rev 0).
      Medium devsel.  Fast back-to-back capable.  Master Capable.
      I/O at 0xffa0 [0xffa1].
  Bus  0, device  17, function  0:
    VGA compatible controller: S3 Inc. ViRGE (rev 6).
      Medium devsel.  IRQ 11.  Master Capable.  Latency=64.  Min Gnt=4.Max
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xf8000000 [0xf8000000].
  Bus  0, device  18, function  0:
    Ethernet controller: 3Com 3C905B 100bTX (rev 48).
      Medium devsel.  IRQ 9.  Master Capable.  Latency=64.  Min Gnt=10.Max
      I/O at 0xec80 [0xec81].
      Non-prefetchable 32 bit memory at 0xfebeff80 [0xfebeff80].

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On Sun, 19 Nov 2000, Paul Wilson wrote:

> I'm wondering if  I use another PCI NIC (tulip.o) will I get same problem
> ie is it the BIOS PCI PnP settings forcing this IRQ zero.

Yes, all PCI cards that require an IRQ will have the same problem.

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