Redhat 5.2 with 3c905 not working
Sun Jan 31 08:32:58 1999

what network are you connected to. Is it 10bT or 100bT. In case of 100bT
did you try load the driver with options=4 in /etc/conf.modules ?


On 30-Jan-99 Sidharth Kshatriya wrote:
> Hello,
> I am running Linux 2.0.36 on a Dell 266 Pentium II. I have been trying to
> get my 3c905-TX card to work for many months now. I am running Redhat 5.2.
> 1. I have the latest version of the linux driver dated 11/17/98
> 2. The card works perfectly in Windows NT/98
> 3. I have tried moving around the card on different slots in the machine
> 4. I have recompiled my kernel several times to ensure that nothing is
> corrupted in the code
> 5. I have been through many complete reinstalls of linux
> 6. The card is recognized properly but it simply won't work. When I try to
> ping / use the network it hangs
> 7. I have tried to mess around *a lot* with the kernel routing table with
> no effects
> 8. On one or two occasions the card has worked but on rebooting it hasn't.
> The card for some random reason works and I have not been able to replicate
> the situation when it worked.
> 9. I have tried all sort of combinations like booting into dos then
> starting linux and running 3com supplied software to initialize the card.
> At the moment the card has been forced into 10 Base T mode using the 3com
> software.
> 10. Enlisted the help of an experience linux user -- with no results
> 11. Tried to cold boot my machine
> After doing all of the above I have still not been able to get the card to
> work. Please help!
> Sidharth Kshatriya

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Date: Sun Jan 31 08:32:58 1999