Vortex driver problems under RedHat 5.2

chris mccraw chrism@brahma.ticam.utexas.edu
Thu Dec 31 13:11:38 1998

this is not a driver problem---the linux kernel has changed in a way that
breaks old dhcpcd.  you want the new one at:

well, the official download site is down.  you can get a contrib package
for redhat at any of the contrib mirrors tho, you're looking for
a version somewhere near 1.3.x (as opposed to <1, which is what redhat
still ships with under 5.2)

there was a large amount of discussion about this on the linux kernel list,
search your favorite archive
(http://www.uwsg.indiana.edu/search/AT-linux_kernel_mailquery.html is mine)
for "dhcp" and "" for more info.


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