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John Sutton john@scl.co.uk
Fri May 24 08:09:01 2002

I've had this issue with the tulip driver for some years with various
driver versions, kernel versions and cards but it appears to be entirely
benign insofar as it does not, AFAIK, result in data loss.  Presumably it
does cause a slow down because the card suffers some kind of reset?  On
Donald's advice I do this at startup:

echo 500 1000 2000 > /proc/sys/vm/freepages

and _maybe_ this reduces the occurences of the message but certainly
doesn't eliminate it entirely.  YMMV!

On Fri, 24 May 2002, azafar wrote:
> After configuring a DLINK DFE-570TX four port card using tulip driver version 
> 0.92pb with Red Hat 7.0 (Kernel 2.2.16-22), I get the following error shortly 
> after adding load to the NIC "Too much work during an interrupt, 
> csr5=0xf0630040". Error repeats about 10 times every time it appears.Problem 
> occurs at random intervals and appears to be related to network load. I 
> attempted the fix "mii-diag eth2 -G 0x8b240000" but did not see any change in 
> the error. Any ideas on the cause of this problem and how to resolve it would 
> be appreciated.....
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