[tulip] Only 1 port on a 21143 Quad.

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Thu Jun 13 11:37:00 2002

On Thu, 13 Jun 2002 VIZADINI@lanier-europe.com wrote:

> > Do you have only one 21143 chip?
> i re-checked, and i confirm that there is only one 21143 chip.
> > I think that you actually have a single port card, with a built-in
> > hub (repeater or switch).
> the product name reads: 4-Port 10/100 NIC Switch.

That's an accurate name for the product.  It is not a 4 port NIC, it's a
single NIC with a small Ethernet switch.

> would a "proper" 4-port card need to have 4 21143 chips?

Yes.  That's the only way to have four independent channels.

> is there then no way to get this card to work with anything more than
> 1 port reliably (under linux)?

You can use all four jacks, but it's exactly the same as a single NIC
connected to an external 5 port switch.

> one thing i ran into during my earlier testing was that (with one of
> the kernels i had running), if either one of de4x5 or tulip were
> compiled-in
> the kernel, and -the other- driver de4x5.o or tulip.o was loaded as
> a module, then it found 2 ports on the card (ie., i could assign ip
> addresses to eth0 and eth1).

No.  Both drivers were using the same NIC.  If you tried to use both at
once, horrible things would happen.

> assuming this card is a 4-port switch, not compatible with the tulip
> drivers, are there any suggestions you (plural :) can provide on how
> to get it to work, or what to do with it?

I expect that it will work with the driver from Scyld.

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