[tulip] Compilled tulip driver for cardbus- version mismatch

vinod asokan vinod@hewtech.co.jp
Thu Jun 13 03:40:01 2002


I am able to compile the driver source using the -DCARDBUS option.
But when i load the driver, using insmod or thru pcmcia services,

the kernel gives version mismatch the following messges :

+ lib/modules/2.4.5-3/pcmcia/tulip_cb.o : kernel-module version mismatch
+ lib/modules/2.4.5-3/pcmcia/tulip_cb.o was copiled for kernel version 2.4.4
+ lib/modules/2.4.5-3/pcmcia/tulip_cb.o while this kernel is version

and insmod failed.

I also tried :
# insmod -f tulip_cb.o

How to compile the driver for the current version of the kernel. What is the
compile option for specifying current kernel version?

Vinod Asokan
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Subject: Re: [tulip] Compiling tulip driver for cardbus

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, vinod asokan wrote:

> I am making the change in tulip driver avaiable with the Distribution
> linux 7.0).
> It has a 0.9.* series driver.

Note that 0.9.* drivers are based on my code, but not my releases.

> What i meant by "FX" was fibre. I have change register value to enable FX
> signals.
> > I am using a network  card which has an ADMtek chip set. When the card
> > inserted  into the PCMCIA slot, tulip_cb module is loaded by the hotplug
> > interface.

Please confirm: you have a CardBus card with a 100baseFx transceiver?!
That's quite unusual.

What type of transceiver does the card have, SYM or MII?
You can run 'tulip-diag' to provide more information

> > Now I have to make some changes in the register values and recompile the
> > tulip
> > driver to enable FX mode . By using Make Modules, I have compiled the
> Tulip
> > sources.


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