[tulip] Future of tulip, good quad-cards?

Dan Hollis goemon@anime.net
Wed Jun 5 07:18:07 2002

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Alexander Havšng wrote:
> DLink however has discontinued the DFE-570TX card, and instead 
> introduced a DFE-580TX card with 4 sundance chips. Needless to say, it 
> sucks :) Even if someone writes a perfect driver, it's still not as good 
> as the tulip-based cards. It has no interrupt mitigation, and seems 
> generally flaky.

I don't see why someone doesn't just make a quad card with ADMtek AN985's.
They are adequate performers, cheap, and certainly eat much less power 
than Tulips. A quad tulip card is a space heater...!

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