[tulip] Osicom 123400-21 40port card

Jason Marshall marshalj@spots.ab.ca
Tue Jul 30 16:59:01 2002

Hi Donald, just wondering what you know about the Osicom 123400-21 card,
which is a 4-port card with 4x 21140-AE, and two Lattice PLSI2032 (???)
chips, and a 21152-AA (bridge?)...  I'm trying to get all fours ports to
share a single IRQ, but the .93 driver from your site isn't doing it -- no
complaints, they just all end up on seperate IRQ's, which isn't gonna work
on this box, as it's low on IRQ's.  Thanks in advance!  Might have to put
it back on Ebay if it won't work.

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