[tulip] Linksys/Network Everywhere NC100

ringobell@cox.net ringobell@cox.net
Tue Jul 16 13:37:01 2002

Thank you for your quick reply! I'm glad to hear that this card does work in at least one distribution of Linux.

I think I'm going to try the "unstable" release of Debian. The "stable" release I was trying has an older version of the kernel (2.2.?, whereas "unstable" is 2.4.?). Also, since "stable" was frozen from development over a year ago, it would seem that many things could've been fixed since then.

Quote from your reply:
> But you say in (2) you cannot finish installation. Are 
> you doing a network
> installation?  Generally the install should not fail 
> because the 
> network card cannot be configured.

Yes, the standard Debian install involves only one CD (or several floppies, if you can't boot from CD). That CD boots, partitions the hard drive, mounts the partitions, and installs the "base system" (apparently the kernel and drivers). After rebooting (to load from the hard drive), it uses "apt-get" to download and install only the packages you select. This way, you don't have to download multiple 650MB ISOs containing mostly packages you don't want. Also, you can get more up-to-date packages by downloading each package separately.

I have one last question: are there any command-line parameters that I need to pass to the driver to get this card working? If not, are there any parameters at all that I could try?

Thanks again for your help.

Alan D. Eaves