[tulip] Linksys/Network Everywhere NC100

Narayanaswamy, Naga (Naga) nn4@lucent.com
Tue Jul 16 09:09:02 2002

> can't do this because 1) I can't download if I can't get the 
> network connection running, and 2) I c!
> an't compile it, because I can't finish the installation 
> process without getting a working network connection.
I dont have any experience with Debian release, but I have 
RH 7.3 and it's install process automatically recognises  
the hardware and installs the correct drivers. I have a 
Network Everywhere NC100 card working fine in RH 7.3, yes using the 
tulip driver.

But to your question (1), You can download the files on other systems
and copy into floppy disk and then copy from floppy to Linux machine
and compile.

But you say in (2) you cannot finish installation. Are you doing a network
installation?  Generally the install should not fail because the 
network card cannot be configured.