[tulip] problem with tulip on 2.4.16 and 2.4.17 ?

Justin C . Michael jmichael@msn.fullfeed.com
Fri Jan 11 23:21:00 2002


I am having a problem with tcp throughput using the tulip driver.  
Others have expressed similar problems with TCP performance over 
tulip on 2.4.16.

The problem shows itself to me when there is latency between the two
systems.  I have 90 ms latency between two systems and tcp throughput is
about .45 mbps (using a tcp test tool).  UDP performance is about 88 mbps.

A thread in mlist.linux.kernel says the problem is with the tulip 
driver that shipped with 2.4.16.  Please see as a reference:


My environment is linux 2.4.16/2.4.17 with dlink 570-tx.  It is
connected to a catalyst 3500xl switch set at full duplex 100 meg 
while the card is set to autonegotiate.

Is this problem confirmed or still in doubt?  Can I help