[tulip] Fixed 100BaseT problems?

Gilad Ben-Yossef gby@kagoor.com
Sun Jan 6 08:11:01 2002

> On Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Gilad Ben-Yossef wrote:
> > The card (see *-diag output at end of message) is connected to a
> > Catalyst3500 switch. When both ends auto negotiate I get full duplex
> > 100 mbps as expected. When the cards are set to fixed 100 mbps full
> > duplex however I'm starting to get loses that aren't there before.
> Put "speed 100" and "duplex full" on the cisco switch port, and I think 
> you'll be better off.

The switch is configured as you specified. Sorry for not making this clear.

> Let autoneg be, it works in 99% of the cases in my experience. Fiddling 
> with fixed speeds is more trouble and you have to know what you're doing.

I would be very happy if I could. Unfortunately, we have a customer that requires a fixed setting.

> If you turn off autoneg on one party, the other party will 
> autoneg to half 
> duplex. If you turn off autoneg, you have to force both ends to the same 
> speed/duplex or you'll be in trouble.

I understand this. The case here is that both parties are set to a fixed setting of 100 mps and full-duplex. The setting does work but loss of 2% occurs. In the very same setup with autonet (both sides) there is no less. Traffic is 6,000 pps. Most of them are 64byte long (VoIP traffic).

I hope this makes the situation more clear.


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