[tulip] RH7.1( on Presario Laptop

samir Purohit samir_purohit@yahoo.com
Sat Jan 5 14:55:02 2002

 Hi !!

 This question may probably be best answered by Donald
Becker. I tried installing tulip driver on Compaq 
Presario 17XL3 laptop having RedHat Linux version 7.1
(kernel but I am unable to get 'eth0'
activated. I surfed through a lot of messages in
mailing-list and followed the steps mentioned by Kent
Hunt and Donald Becker for installing tulip and
pci-scan files. Since the compilation was giving
warnings regarding APMs, I also modified 'if defined
CONFIG_APM' with 'if defined CONFIG_APM &&
LINUX_VERSION_CODE < 0x20400', which resulted in 
compilation without any warnings, but then insmod
pci-scan and tulip both give unresolved symbol errors.

Also since I modified module.dep file with the 
apprpriate entries, whenever I reboot, it throws
'**Unresolved Symbols in tulip.o' error along with
'delaying eth0: failed' message.

 I have a Compaq 10_100 MiniPCI ethernet card which
works fine with Windows.
 Can anyone help me in this please?

 Thanx in anticipation..

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