[tulip] Redhat 7.2 Kingston NIC cannot ping server until I initiate an ou tgoing ping

Dan Stromberg strombrg@nis.acs.uci.edu
Wed Jan 2 19:32:04 2002

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On Wed, Jan 02, 2002 at 12:18:34PM -0600, White, Will wrote:
> I have Redhat 7.2 loaded in server mode with a Kingston NIC with an
> autodetected tulip driver. I'm currently plugged into a Cisco 1924 switch.
> The problem is that I cannot get to the server (ping, SSH, Mail, Web,
> anything) until I initiate a ping from the server to outside my subnet. I
> have an hourly cron set up to ping out just so I can access my box remote=
> I've set the duplex to half in the modules.conf, but it didn't help (thou=
> maybe it was an autonegotiation hiccup). Ipchains is currently disabled, =
> it isn't a firewall issue. apmd and all power saver features (including w=
> on lan) in the BIOS are disabled as well. Has anyone else had this problem
> or know the solution? thanks...=20

I've seen the same problem on a sun.  We're attributing it to a broken
cisco switch, though I'm told that this isn't the only brand of switch
with the problem.

Dan Stromberg                                               UCI/NACS/DCS

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