[tulip] Redhat 7.2 Kingston NIC cannot ping server until I initiate an ou tgoing ping

White, Will Will@compusa.com
Wed Jan 2 13:22:02 2002

I have Redhat 7.2 loaded in server mode with a Kingston NIC with an
autodetected tulip driver. I'm currently plugged into a Cisco 1924 switch.
The problem is that I cannot get to the server (ping, SSH, Mail, Web,
anything) until I initiate a ping from the server to outside my subnet. I
have an hourly cron set up to ping out just so I can access my box remotely.
I've set the duplex to half in the modules.conf, but it didn't help (thought
maybe it was an autonegotiation hiccup). Ipchains is currently disabled, so
it isn't a firewall issue. apmd and all power saver features (including wake
on lan) in the BIOS are disabled as well. Has anyone else had this problem
or know the solution? thanks...