[tulip] Osicom 4 port card and problem with TX

Edmond E. Shwayri eshwayri@nc.rr.com
Sun Dec 29 09:02:44 2002

Problem fixed.  Either corrupt memory or the motherboard not handling the 
top 128M correctly.  Added mem=127M to lilo and now I can both compile gcc 
without problems and network operation is back to normal.  What must have 
been occurring is when copying large files some buffer code (file/net?) was 
hitting the "bad" memory area.  Won't bother to investigate exact cause 
since I plan to upgrade to an AMD 760MPX motherboard in the next couple of 
weeks.  Can't wait to see how the Osicom reacts to that....

At 12:55 PM 12/22/02, you wrote:
>This sounds like a kernel protocol-level problem, not a driver problem.
>Are you seeing any warning messages in the kernel logs, or non-zero error
>counts in /proc/net/dev.