[tulip] Osicom 4 port card and problem with TX

Edmond E. Shwayri eshwayri@nc.rr.com
Sun Dec 29 09:02:00 2002

I think you are right.  I decided to upgrade my gcc, libc, kernel, etc to 
latest levels.  While compiling gcc I got a segmentation error.  I went 
ahead and hit the up-arrow and then return to re-run the make.  It skipped 
past all it had done and got to where it bombed out the first time.  This 
time it succeeded and continued on through.  From what I remember these 
kinds of error usually occur with bad RAM or CPU over-heating.

I assumed the tulip was having problems, but this points me in a whole new 
direction.  My guess is hardware problems, most probably with the RAM.  I 
had recently (a few months ago) added 4 more sticks to it.  I think I will 
pull them out.  I remember at the time thinking it ran a little slower 
after I added the RAM.  Maybe there was more to it.

On a side note I was browsing around and I found the Adaptec Quad66 
card.  A 66Mhz,64 Bit 4-port which I think is based on the starfire.  Since 
I am replacing this old motherboard with a nice new dual Athlon which 
happens to have 2x66Mhz, 64Bit PCI slots I was wondering if I would see a 
performance boost and/or less trouble.  The tulip up to these incidences 
has been working quite well, so I am torn....

At 12:55 PM 12/22/02, you wrote:
>This sounds like a kernel protocol-level problem, not a driver problem.
>Are you seeing any warning messages in the kernel logs, or non-zero error
>counts in /proc/net/dev.