[tulip] ANA-6944A/TX Question concerning port layout

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Sun Dec 22 16:53:00 2002

On 22 Dec 2002, John Cusick wrote:

> I have tried some more troubleshooting and found that switching the pci
> slot results in the following:
> eth0 - int 16
> eth1 - int 16
> eth2 - int 16
> eth3 - int 19

These are IOAPIC mappings, not the 8259-mode mappings reported 

> By the way, the board is a PR440FX with amibios, I mis-reported earlier.

That's a dual Pentium Pro motherboard, one of the best of the era.

> I still have to initiate eth3 first, then eth2, then eth1, then eth0,
> otherwise they will not initiate.

Yes, that is consistent with a IRQ mapping bug.

> I'm using the latest driver as far as I know, v0.95f

What is the detection message with that driver version?

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