[tulip] bug and fix with Macronix MX98713

Henry Gutman hrg123456789@yahoo.com
Sat Dec 21 21:05:01 2002

--- Donald Becker <becker@scyld.com> wrote:
> On Sat, 21 Dec 2002, Henry Gutman wrote:
> > Hello.  I was having a problem with your tulip.c
> > driver, versions 0.89H, 0.91g-ppc, and 0.95f, and
> > Macronix MX98713 based card.  As soon as the
> > loaded, the link would die.  The problem seems to
> > in CSR14.  The PWD10B bit was set to 0, turning
> > the TX and RX ports.  I was able to fix the
> > by moving the case MX98713: label from line 1023,
> > where  it was paired with the COMPEX9881,  to line
> > 1029, where it is with its cousins, the MX98713
> > MX98725.
> Thanks for the excellent report.  I've made the
> change for the next release (and will see if I can
> find the MXIC card to test).
> I'll also try to track down why I wrote the code in
> this way.
> You might want to also send this email to
> tulip@scyld.com

The line numbers are from the source for version
0.95f.    The labels are part of a switch statement in
the start_link(struct net_device *dev) function, if
the line numbers are inaccurate for other versions.

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