[tulip] Device or resource busy error

vinod asokan vinod@hewtech.co.jp
Thu Aug 8 02:37:01 2002


Our company makes Network cards. The current development card is a Fibre
mode card.
It uses 21143-TD MAC chip and intel LXT971A PHY chip.

The designated card has Fx mode enabled by means of hardware setting.
I am using Turbo Linux 7.0 in a Toshiba dynabook PC.
The pcmcia-cs-3.1.27 service loads the tulip_cb driver. The card runs fine.
Ping  as well ftp works fine. The file transfer (peer to peer) also works
considerable speed.

But everytime I remove the card or , when I use "service pcmcia restart",
The kernel message says the " device or resource busy".

"lsmod tulip_cb "  also does not work. I have to ultimately reboot the
system , to free the
pcmacia resources.
Is there any other way by which I can stop the pcmcia service or unload the

Can anyone  tell me the possible reasons for the "resource busy " error
message ??

Thanks and regards
Vinod Asokan