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    <TD width="100%" bgColor=#f2f2e6><B>ANALYST BUY RECOMMENDATION:</B> 

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          <TD width="4%" bgColor=#dbdbdb>&nbsp;</TD>

          <TD width="96%"><B><FONT face=Verdana>Cal-Bay International Inc. 

            (Symbol: CBYI)</FONT></B></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE><BR>

      <P><B><FONT face=arial size=3></FONT><FONT face="verdana, Arial" size=2>A 

      REGISTERED INVESTMENT ADVISOR just released an investment opinion 

      RECOMMENDING Cal-Bay (CBYI):</B> <BR>...as a Speculative Long-Term BUY. 

      <BR>...will hit a price target of $2.00 by 2002 and $5.00 by 2003! 

      <BR>...achieve earnings growth of 200 to 250% in the next 2 years. 

      <BR>...achieve earnings of approximately 25 per share by 2003.</P><B><A 


      <U>Click HERE for QUOTE, News &amp; full Investment Report!</U></A></B> 



      <LI>"A positive long-term investment opportunity exists with CBYI." 

      <LI>"We anticipate that liquidity will increase as well as coverage by 

      additional analysts." 

      <LI>"The company has developed a network of strategic alliances that are 

      designed to assist the company in obtaining a DOMINANT MARKET SHARE." 

      <LI>The current market in which Cal-Bay operates is currently estimated to 

      exceed $900 million. Estimates calling for $25 Billion in sales by the 

      year 2003." 

      <LI>"We expect the company to achieve it's current goal of Nasdaq OTCBB 

      listing by the 4th quarter of 2001. Once on the larger exchange, we 

      anticipate that liquidity will increase." 

      <LI>"We anticipate earnings will grow at a more rapid pace than revenues 

      as a result of expanding net margins as well as the reduction of certain 

      overhead costs that can be eliminated as a result of the expected 

      acquisitions." <BR><B><A 


      <U>Click HERE for QUOTE, News &amp; full Investment Report!</U></A></B> 




      <LI>CBYI is one of the FASTEST growing companies in distributing 

      environmental and safety equipment instruments. 

      <LI>CBYI is a profitable company, has NO DEBT and is on track to beat ALL 

      earnings estimates. 

      <LI>CBYI has increased revenue of 50% annually! 

      <LI>CBYI is a fully reporting SEC compliant company that has been in 

      business since 1976. 

      <LI>CBYI has an excellent management team with several EXCLUSIVE contracts 

      and an IMPRESSIVE client list including: Anheuser-Busch, Chevron Refining, 

      Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, GE-Energy &amp; Environmental Research and 

      the U.S. Air Force. 

      <LI>CBYI share price keeps going UP, UP, and UP! <BR><B><A 


      <U>Click HERE for QUOTE, News &amp; full Investment Report!</U></A></B> 


      <P><B>RAPIDLY GROWING INDUSTRY.</B> <BR>Hold on tight for the largest Oil 

      and Natural Gas expansion in U.S. History. Demand for Energy is at its 

      highest level putting tremendous pressure on Scientific &amp; Technical 

      Instrumentation companies like CBYI. There is rapid expansion in the 

      energy industry with the need for more power plants and cheaper fuel. CBYI 

      is a major benefactor of this growing need because it supplies specialized 

      "Smell Technology" analyzers for industrial applications in Natural Gas 

      production and transmission.</P>


      <P><I>Note: Quotes are not available on every Financial Websites. This 

      will be corrected with the recent 10-SB filing.</I> 

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