[tulip] Cpq Pressario and network problems

Emperor of Mesopotamia emperor@mesopotamia.com
Sat, 8 Sep 2001 03:03:18 +0200

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Thanks for all the help!
After a lot of anguish I finally got it to work. Unfortunately I had
to install RH7.1, but since I had really begun to use the machine yet
this was a small loss. I had to remove the apm part of the pci-scan.c
file before it would compile right. After that it was walk in the

Jan Egil Magelie
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> On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Jan Egil Magelie wrote:
> > I am having some problems with the setup on my cpq pressario. I
> > am running suse 7.2 and I have configured the network card.
> > Everything looks fine, all the logs reports no errors and it
> > looks like the tcp/ip stack is fine, but for some reason I cannot
> > make any connection over the network. 
> What Presario?  Which adapter (chip type)?
> Which driver version?
> What is the detection message?
> The output of
>   tulip-diag -aem
> might also be necessary to suggest a fix.
> If you have a Conexant chip on a Presario 1700 series laptop, you
> will need driver version v0.92w or later.
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