[tulip] Network traffic freezes system

Eddie Atherton eddie_atherton@hotmail.com
Mon Oct 29 02:43:01 2001

>Knowing that the driver *does* work is useful for tracking down
>problems.  We haven't been getting widespread reports of hanging
>systems, so you should suspect your hardware.

Fixed the problem.

I threw the Linksys card away and replaced it with a Netgear FA311.  Changed 
my kernel to include the natsemi code instead of the tulip code and now I 
can upload files to my hearts content.  No other changes were needed.

Only a couple of small problems.

I'm seeing a (small) number of TX Errors and RX Dropped packets.  I'd like 
to try the latest driver from the scyld pages to see if that helps, but my 
second problem prevents me from doing that.

Unless I compile the natsemi code in the kernel, during the boot, when the 
devices are scanned (my other network card and SCSI card), the 'link' lights 
on my switch go out for the Netgear card and I cannot communicate through 
it.  It stills shows up in ifconfig with all the correct values.  The only 
remedy is to cycle power on the system.  So there's no way (I've found) that 
I can have natsemi loaded as a module.  So this limits my ability to test 
your version on the driver.


BTW The natsemi in the test directory isn't.  (It's a very old version).

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