[tulip] Anyone running DFE-570-TX on an i815 based MB?

Ben Greear greearb@candelatech.com
Fri Nov 30 14:36:05 2001

It's been such a good day that I'll reply to myself :P

The P4 MB experiences the same lockup, and it does so
with both the tulip and the de4x5 driver.  The remaining
common denominator is the use of PCI riser boards and the
DLINK DFE-570TX boards (2 of them).....

On to testing w/out the riser-boards....


Ben Greear wrote:

> I have two Tyans and two Intel MBs both based on the i815
> chipset.  On both of these machines I see hard lockups after 5-10
> minutes (magic-sysreq
> doesn't work) when I start running traffic over all 8 ports of
> two DFE-570-TX NICs.  It happens with a variety of kernels, so
> I think it's a hardware/driver problem...
> However, if anyone is running one or more DFE-570-TX NICS in
> an i815 MB, please let me know!  I'm going to try an 845 P4
> MB tomorrow, but it doesn't have built-in video like many of
> the 815s...
> Enjoy,
> Ben

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