[tulip] kfree_skb warning

Scott Silliman sillyman71@hotmail.com
Fri Nov 30 13:49:12 2001

I started seeing numerous "kernel: Warning: kfree_skb on hard IRQ c8874a68" 
messages after installing the latest tulip drivers on my laptop.  I 
*believe* that this isn't just a coincidence.  Is this a warning I should 
take seriously?  It *seems* to be running fine to me, but there really are 
quite a lot of those warning messages.

My configuration:
Compaq Presario 1200Z
Mandrake 8.1
kernel: 2.4.8-26mdk
nic: Compaq 10_100 MiniPCI Ethernet NIC  (conextant?)

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