[tulip] newbie (to Linux) question (instalation)

Dave Burrows pwyllf@home.com
Sat Nov 17 09:30:01 2001

I'll try to be as specific (without being wordy) as possible.  If more 
information is needed, I'll try to provide it.  Thanks in advance for 
reading and for any assistance that you may be able to share.

Trying to install my Linksys fast ethernet card (PCM100) in an IBM 
380ED with 80MB RAM and a 5.1 GB HDD running Linux-Mandrake v8.1.

L-M v8.1 has included the Tulip driver.  When I try to install the 
driver, this message:

"In some cases, the Digital 21040/21041/21140 (Tulip) driver needs to 
have extra information to work properly, although it normally works 
fine without."  It then asks I want to autoprobe or to specify options.

checking the autoprobe option yields:

"Loading module Digital 21040/21041/21140 (Tulip) failed.  Do you want 
to try again with different parameters?"

I click yes and am shown several options (reqesting information I don't 
know how to provide) as shown here:

tulip_debug (i)                       _____________________
max_interrupt_work (int)   _____________________
rx_copybreak (i)                    _____________________
csr0 (i)                                      _____________________
options (1-8i)                         _____________________
full_duplex (1-8i)                  _____________________

(Please bear in mind that I am very new to Linux and know no 
unix; I am working to get away from MS  and realize it'll take time.  I 
am writing from an old desktop on which L-M 8.0 has been installed.)

Visiting this page: <http://www.scyld.com/network/tulip.html>, 
I found information that (to someone who knew more than I do) must 
surely be of help but it doesn't give someone in my position quite 
enough to know how to proceed.

What parameters should I use for those 6 options to try to get this NIC 
to function?  It is how I make my connection to the net (cable modem).

Thanks again, 

Pray for Peace

Dave Burrows
741 Cleveland Road			
Washington, PA  15301