[tulip] error messages after trying to compile

DB1029@aol.com DB1029@aol.com
Mon, 19 Mar 2001 18:29:15 EST

ok i figured out i needed to install the source rpm and headers rpm. So i get 
to the source rpm on my mandrake cd and it says it requires headers first so 
i head over to kernel-headers-2.2.14-15mdk.i586.rpm but when i try to install 
that it gives me an errror "unpacking of archive failed on file 
/usr/include/linux: cpio unlink failed - ls a directory" this is all done 
from kde....i tried it from a terminal but not sure if i was using the right 
options. I've tried to restart and all but nothing works. How do I go about 
fixing this problem?? Also im running mandrake 7.0 2.2.14 i guess i forgot 
that part. Thanks alot.