[tulip] Intel 21143 question

Rodney Crater rcrater@ncn.net
Sat, 17 Mar 2001 19:59:33 -0600


I am relatively new to Linux and am trying to set up eth0.
I am using Red Hat Linux 2.2.5-15
My NIC is an Intel 21143 Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter, ie, Kingston
EtherX KNE100TX.

I have tulip loaded automatically through the install procedure. is fine
I am receiving a DHCP address for eth0 ok.
But ifconfig is showing massive errors for eth0 tx and a few for rx.
I am set to autodetect.
When restarting the network, the light on the hub stays green until about
1.5 seconds then goes out. The lights on the card are still green.
I cannot ping other machines on the segment.
I have tried setting a few options in /etc/conf.modules using the options
tulip .....
to no avail.

Please help.

Rodney Crater