[tulip] Kingston KNE111TX Full Duplex LED

John Connett jrc@art-render.com
Fri, 02 Mar 2001 12:21:37 +0000

Donald Becker wrote:
> There isn't a general patch that will work for all boards, but please
> try adding the following two lines around line 780
>         /* BugFixes: The 21143-TD hangs with PCI Write-and-Invalidate cycles.
>            And the ASIX must have a burst limit or horrible things happen. */
>         if (chip_idx == DC21143  &&  chip_rev == 65)
>                 tp->csr0 &= ~0x01000000;
>         else if (tp->flags & IS_ASIX)
>                 tp->csr0 |= 0x2000;
> +       else if (chip_idx == PNIC2)
> +               outl(0xf0000000, ioaddr + CSR9);
> If this setting isn't somewhere in the EEPROM I'll have to add a new
> subsystem ID specific flag for this board.

Thanks for the swift reply.  I have tried this change applied to the
v0.92t driver and it appears to have no effect.  The Full Duplex LED
still flashes in time with the Activity LED but with a slight delay.
John Connett (jrc@art-render.com)