[tulip] Tulip arguments for Linksys cards?

Donald Becker becker@scyld.com
Wed, 4 Jul 2001 12:00:02 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001, george saylor wrote:

> I have attempted to install a Linksys etherfast 10/100 model LNE100TX
> ethernet card on a Redhat version 7.0(Guiness)/2.2.16-22 kernel
> installation without success. 

Red Hat used an old Tulip driver in 7.0 which does not support many of
the current chips.

> I go through kernelcfg to add my card, choosing eth0, I select the
> tulip driver, I am then prompted for a "base io address", and "other
> arguments".

That's bogus -- you only need the I/O base and IRQ for old ISA cards.
Red Hat is out of date here as well.

Use the updated Tulip driver with the standard Red Hat kernel.

As a special case, a precompiled RPM for Red Hat 7.0 running the x86
uniprocessor kernel may be installed by running
  rpm -i ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/network/netdrivers-rh70.i386.rpm

Other users with RPM-based system may install this as
rpm -i ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/network/netdriver-2.1.src.rpm
cd /usr/src/redhat/	# Use the RPM directory for your distribution
rpm -bb SPECS/netdriver.spec
rpm -i --force RPMS/i386/netdriver*.i386.rpm

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