[tulip] tulip - Newbie - Compile errors with pci-scan.c and tulip.c

Erik Steffl steffl@bigfoot.com
Mon, 16 Apr 2001 12:47:41 -0700

David Kramer wrote:
> I am receiving compile warnings when compiling pci-scan.c, returns an
> Assembler Warning.  The object file is still generated but I receive massive
> compile errors when compiling the tulip.c driver.  Most of the errors are
> caused by a lack of structure types not found, in specific "Busy" and
> "Start".  Are there other header files that I am missing? Do I need specific
> versions in order for the drivers to compile correctly?  I had these same
> driver files compiled correctly on a Redhat 6.1 with a 2.2.16-13 Kernel.
> Not sure why there would be a massive a difference between the two for this
> specific scenario.  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  I guess there is a problem with your kernel include files - try to add

  path might be /usr/src/linux/include