[tulip] tulip driver and kernel 2.4?

Erik Steffl steffl@bigfoot.com
Sun, 15 Apr 2001 23:55:31 -0700

  OK, I know already know what's the deal - it does not work - I have
already used kernel 2.2 when I could but at this point I would like to
get LNE100TX working (AFAIK it does not work with kernel drivers) and I
have to have kernel 2.4 (mostly because of DRI).

  my qestion is - are the scyld drivers going to be ported to kernel
2.4? Is there any timeline - even an approximate (soon, never, months)
will help. I have a DSL line and I need a second card - I already have
spare LNE100TX so I plan to use just one card (realtek, with interfaces
on both dsl and my internal home networks) and add LNE100TX once scyld
drivers will be available for 2.4. My question is - is this a good plan
or based on expected (non)availability of scyld drivers for 2.4 it's a
lost battle and I should just get a card that works with 2.4 kernel

  of course, if the scyld for kernel 2.4 is being developed I'd be more
than happy to help with testing (or even some developemnt, I do not have
experience with device drivers programming though so I am not sure how
much of a help I'd be)