[tulip] Linksys LNE100TX v4.0 problem. (tulip.o: init_module: Device or resourcebusy)

Mario Simoni mario@ece.gatech.edu
Thu, 21 Sep 2000 12:44:37 -0400

> I tried both source RPM update and individual
> driver update as suggested on the driver update
> page from scyld.com. I've also tried replacing
> the on v0.91 tulip.c file to v0.92 under my 2.2.16
> kernel directory tree and tried to recompile the
> kernel with tulip driver built-in, but I got a
> whole bunch of constant & declaration compile-time
> errors.

I was having exactly the same problem that you did before I compiled and
installed the latest RPM file. This may be a stupid question, becuause
you probably did it, but it's all I can think of. When you installed the
RPM did you force it to install using...

rpm -i --force  <the .i386.rpm file>

without the --force option it will not overrite the tulip driver with
the newly compiled one.

Hope this helps