More DFE-570TX Tx Hung Problems

Tim Dixon
Wed May 10 08:33:21 2000

[Just to summarise; we've been getting "Tx Hung" errors where we have
several DFE-570TXs in one box so that some of the ports end up
sharing IRQs. Simply ifconfig'ing the stuck port up and down makes
no difference. Other ports on the same card continue to work. ]

This gets more intriguging!

We've just had this problem occurring again a couple of times in quick
succession. As Donald predicted, /proc/interrupts revealed that no
interrupts were being taken on the IRQ shared by the ports concerned.
Although ifconfiging down the stuck port didn't make any difference,
taking down ALL the ports sharing the IRQ and bringing them back up
again seemed to do the trick. We've had the same problem on a couple
of different IRQ lines in the same machine (in each case, 3 ports shared
an IRQ).

Looks like one of the devices is disabling the interrupt line and failing to
re-enable it, taking out all of the others. Is the remedy for this likely to
in the driver, or might it be a strange kernel or hardware problem?

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