Prolems with tulip driver

Donald Becker
Wed May 10 03:43:33 2000

On Tue, 9 May 2000, Chris Leavoy wrote:

> I have recently purchased a Network Anywhere NC100 v2, Linksys Fast
> Ethernet 10/100 from future shit. I am having a whole bunch of problems

This obviously isn't a Linksys card.

> ---- syslogd snip ----
> kernel: eth0: interrupt  csr5=0xfc274014 new csr5=0xfc264010.
> kernel: eth0: exiting interrupt, csr5=0xfc264010.
> kernel: eth0: interrupt  csr5=0xfc674015 new csr5=0xfc664010.
> kernel: eth0: exiting interrupt, csr5=0xfc664010.
> kernel: eth0: interrupt  csr5=0xfc274014 new csr5=0xfc264010.
> kernel: eth0: exiting interrupt, csr5=0xfc264010.

That looks like normal operation.

> I get those errors after bringing up the interface and sending data, i
> have just now noticed these syslogd errors after using debug=6, before the
> card would slow, then lock, then the kernel would panic saying it could
> again the address would match the one from above.

You missed a few lines there.  What did you mean to say?
Keep in mind that the system will be very slow if you are synchronously
logging message with debug=6!  At the very least, set /etc/syslog.conf with
a "-" in front of the log file name.

> I am using tulip.c (v0.92), it is detecting the card only after loading
> the pci-scan module. 

That is correct.  The PCI scan module is now required to hide kernel
differences, support hot-swap/CardBus, and handle power management.

> ---- syslogd snip ----
> kernel: tulip.c:v0.92 4/17/2000 Written by Donald Becker <>
> kernel:
> kernel: eth0: ADMtek Comet rev 17 at 0xc482ac00, 00:20:78:01:5C:0F, IRQ 9.

Ahhh, you have an ADMtek Comet chip.  This chip is relatively new.  It
should work correctly with my recent drivers, but will not even be detected
with earlier Tulip drivers.

I just plugged in a CardBus card based on the very similar ADMtek Centaur
chip to send this message: it's very nearly identical to a Comet, but
packaged for CardBus.  If it work in a CardBus version, the PCI version
almost certainly works.  My laptop reports 
Found a ADMtek Centaur-C at 32/0 address 0xa0060000->0xc8034000 IRQ 10.
ADMtek Centaur-C at 32/0 command 0x7.
eth0: ADMtek Comet rev 17 at 0xc8034000, 00:00:E8:11:11:25, IRQ 10.

The only buglet is that the mii-diag values are all '0'.  I'll check that
out later.

I'll run my Comet PCI board and v92 through the normal tests tomorrow if I
get a chance.

> CyberPir8@EFNet

How very '1337.

Donald Becker
Scyld Computing Corporation
410 Severn Ave. Suite 210
Annapolis MD 21403

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