[tulip] tulip - pci-scan.c help

Paul Zelano apul55@hotmail.com
Wed, 21 Jun 2000 10:34:41 EDT

I'm a newbie...suprise. I'm trying to get my new linksys cards to work in my 
linux box. I've compiled the tulip.c and got tulip.o.  I've compiled the 
pci-scan.c and got pci-scan.o.  I know where the tulip.o goes 
(/lib/modules/kernel verions/net), but where does the pci-scan.o go?  
Everytime I depmod -a, I get an error saying unresolved characters in the 
tulip.o file.  This must be cause I don't have the pci-scan.o in the right 
place.  Any help would be appreciated.

Please help.

Paul Zelano
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