What cards are currently based on Tulip chip?

Christopher E. Brown cbrown@denalics.net
Sun Jan 9 02:42:21 2000

On Fri, 7 Jan 2000, Kevin M. Myer wrote:

> I was going to write something on a similar note but didn't want to sound
> ungrateful after asking the question :)
> I was hoping had done something similar to what you suggested:  compiled a
> list of _current_ cards and the types of chip they used (tulip or tulip
> clone).  I know with at least one card that I've used (Asante's 10/100 PCI
> card), it changed chips from a Tulip to a PNIC (or something like that) in
> between card revisions (A and B).  Thats why I was hoping to find
> information on which cards are currently genuine tulip chips and which
> cards are clones and which cards aren't either anymore.
> Hrm - seems like a void to be filled.  Maybe after I think over it for a
> week while I'm steelhead fishing, I'll decide its a void I should fill.
> Kevin

	The KNE100TX by kingston is Tulip based, older units are
21140, current units are 21143.  (*NOT* the KNE110TX, as these are
LiteOn or PNIC (I forget)).

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