Ack! The Lights! Turn on the Lights! (anti-vampire)

Stephen Host
Tue Jan 4 21:41:31 2000

Hey. Ok. Linux 2.2.14 is out. Yay. Let's upgrade.

Ok. I Upgraded. cp usr/Src/linux/arch/i386/bhoot/zImage /boot/vmlinuz,

blah blah reboot..

Now when i reboot, it detects my ethernet cards (3 X 21041 DLINK cards),
the link/traffic lights blink.. now during init of eth (ifconfig) process
(at least i'm guessing it's at this point) the LIGHTS TURN

Link and traffic lights are gone! Dead! toast! holy mackinaw batman! =)

So i'm back to 2.2.13 ..  anyway, what is my problem? Is this a bug? I
installed the new kernel from a virgin source tree.. uysing my old .config
with make oldconfig which in my knowledge should have gone very smoothly.

Note: When copying the latest driver source from don's web page, and
inserting it into the 2.2.13 source tree (tulip.c ONLY) it does THE SAME
THING and i figured i did something wrong.. i would only assume that a
fresh 2.2.14 sourcetree  should work j ust fine..

Thanks guys in advance! (and gals)

Steve Host - Engineering Systems & Computing Student, University of Guelph -

On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Donald Becker wrote:

> On Tue, 4 Jan 2000, Edward Zarecor wrote:
> > I am putting together a small home network of machines running RH 6.1 
> > and/or WinNT.  My firewall machine has two Netgear FA310tx auto-sensing 
> > ethernet cards one of which is connected to a DSL modem, the other to my 
> > LAN via 10/100 autosensing hub.  The network is up and running, but the 
> > FA310x's are defaulting to half duplex.  Should I:
> > 
> > a: specifiy the media type in conf.modules.
> > 
> > b. recompile the tulip driver after changing the full-duplex flag
> > 
> > c. none of the above.
> Acckkkk!!
> Well, at least you asked instead of reporting a bug later.
> The driver is working correctly.
> All of your connections *should* be half duplex.
> Forcing full duplex will cause massive performance and correctness problems.
> 'Ping' will work, and everything else will be horribly slow and unreliable.
> Some types of network cards will freeze for a seconds at a time when
> presented with out-of-window collisions.
> On an unrelated topic, I'm working today on updating the "kern-2.3" drivers
> to work with the recent development kernels.
> Donald Becker
> Scyld Computing Corporation, and
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