Pesky transmit time out

Stephen R. van den Berg
Tue Jan 4 04:38:11 2000

Stephen R. van den Berg wrote:
>Bob wrote:
>>aliasing gateway use 91u.

>Except, AFAIK, it doesn't work with 2.2.x kernels, or does it?

Evidently it does, or so I'm told.

>Nonetheless, I believe that the most stable version of the Tulip driver
>is the one which includes Wolfgang Walter's patches (available in the 
>upcoming 2.2.14 kernel), and some assorted changes from Donald's 0.91u
>(I posted a patch here some days ago).  There still might be some hidden
>changes in 0.91u which I didn't spot, though.

Just to clarify: kernel 2.2.14 contains Wolfgang's patches, but not
the patch I posted which merges in some 0.91u changes.
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