IntraServer Quad Ethernet -- Fixed!

Hal Murray
Sun Feb 27 03:43:03 2000

> I'm accepting patches for the Tulip driver in 2.3.x kernels.... hint
> hint :)

I'll be glad to help test things.  I'm currently using the tulip.c 
that came in 2.3.47.  Is that the right one? 

I'm particularly interested in making sure the builtin Tulip on the 
Alpha 600au (Miata, Personal Workstation) works right.  [I have a 
very sore head from trying to do a network install of RH 6.0.]


I've got a pair of 21143s connected by a point-point cable.  I'm 
trying to let autonegotiation get to 100-FD.  Is that silly?

I see the "timer added twice" messages reasonably often.  The PC 
is always at the end of the timer routine.  I think I understand 
how that happens - while the timer code is running (or waiting to 
run?), a link-status interrupt goes off and resets the timer.  I 
don't know what the right fix is.  Maybe use mod_timer rather than 

One problem is that it sometimes takes a long long time for two machines 
to get locked up.  Something is fishy, but I don't understand this 

I've turned on some of the debugging printout.  When it finally gets 
there, it says it's switching to 100-FD.  But when I run test programs 
the link acts like it's only in half-duplex mode.  (In particular, 
ifconfig -a shows lots of collisions.) 

Has anybody know anything about this? 

Anybody got a cheat-sheet on the CSR bits? 

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