[tulip] Too much work during an interrupt error..

nord@virtualscope.com nord@virtualscope.com
Sat, 23 Dec 2000 16:37:49 -0500

Everything works, but when I do transfers of bigger files (35mb+),
it eventually gets that Too much work during an interrupt error,
still does..  I'll give the hdparm -u1 thing a try to see if that

At 02:37 PM 12/23/00 +0000, A E Lawrence wrote:
>Etrik wrote:
> >
> > No joy from upgrading the kernel to 2.2.18 :\ still the same problem.
> > could it be any of the on board peripherals of the Abit KT7? ie. serial
> > ports, parallel ports, ide contorller??
>I haven't been following this thread, but 2.2.18 on ABIT KT7-RAID with
>the tulip driver is fine here.
>Dr A E Lawrence