eth0: Tx hung, 7 vs. 0.

Simon Lindsay
Thu Sep 23 23:15:51 1999

On Thu, 23 Sep 1999, Christopher E. Brown wrote:

> > I've just jumped from Linux 2.3.11 to Linux 2.3.18ac8, to try out the
> > new tulip.c v0.91m.
> 	I have had hang problems with v91g with *both* 21140 and 21143
> boards under heavy use on AWARD bios (AMI bios seems to work fine),
> v91 no problems at all.

We're got some boxes with high ide load, and they seem to have problems
with .91e, whereas the scsi based boxes work fine with it. I've gone back
to .91 yesterday to see how that goes.

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